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I'm Interested But Not Sure Which Is For Me?

Why These Coaching Programs Produce Such Exceptional Results

Before you even start, Kate develops an Overall Training Draft to strategically plan each training phase and so that you get to see the bigger picture in bite size and easy to understand amounts. This will bring you so much certainty knowing you are following an exact step by step plan tailored to your goal.

The“best practices” and tips that have taken Kate over 8 years and 34 high altitude trips, to date, to learn, test and apply. Imagine how much more prepared you’d feel having 8 years of experience behind you.

Weekly videos covering everything from specific pieces of gear to altitude to breathing techniques to increase your lung capacity. Sent with a “what you need to know and when” approach so that you can strategically get the knowledge you need in a manageable way and tick off your to do list on a weekly basis.

Awareness and management of your training progression through a rating system  so that as you adapt and become fitter and stronger, so do your weekly training sessions. Your training should to be consistently hard enough to stimulate the physiological changes.

Monthly calls to catch up, talk all things high altitude, answer any  questions and give you the inspiring, motivational talk that you didn’t know you needed. It’s also a chance to connect and talk with someone who  understands you,  and why it’s important to you. You are not alone on this journey.

Bi-monthly fitness tests so that Kate can pin point your weaknesses, identify any imbalances to reduce the chance of injuries and make sure that you’re progressively getting stronger and fitter. If you don’t measure your fitness levels, how will ever improve them?

Weekly mindset techniques with the goal of developing a deep sense of self belief, resilience and mental fortitude that will see you beyond any challenge you face, on or off the mountain. As you move from strength to strength in your weekly training, expect to do the same in your mental approach.

Most importantly, accountability in the form of a coach who is deeply invested and dedicated to your success. It makes all the difference having someone in your corner who has the best intentions for you, who kindly yet firmly supports you, calls you out when you make excuses.

This Is Exactly What I’ve Been Looking For - How Do I Sign Up?

Mountain Range

What Makes Coaching With Kate So Different?

What Have Other People Said About Coaching With Kate:

“I’ve worked with coaches before but Kate is something else.”

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Not sure whether you’re training enough for your high altitude trek or expedition?

Use The High Altitude Training Formula™ for FREE and calculate exactly how many hours you should be training per week to get fit enough for your trek or expedition.

To calculate resting heart rate, put two fingers on the inner side of your wrist (thumb side). Count how many beats your have in 10 seconds and multiply that number by 6. That is your Resting Heart Rate.

Resting Heart Rate:


Highest Altitude:




The intended number of days for the trek or expedition. Eg. Everest Base Camp - 12 days.

The highest point that you're planning on reaching. Eg. Kilimanjaro summit - 5,895m.

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