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You’re planning on doing a technical expedition above 6,000m but the problem is…

You’re worried that you’re not going to be fit enough or strong enough to make it to the summit.


A secondary worry to that, is that you don’t want to be the slowest or weakest in your team.


You’ve likely done a couple of high altitude peaks before and developed some technical skills along the way but you know that what you did to prepare for those trips, is not going to be enough for this expedition.


With the added pressure of the technical skills required plus the 18kg to 20kg backpack that you’re going to have to carry, you know that you can’t afford not to be in your absolute best physical condition.


You’ve tried doing some training but you’re struggling to stay consistent because you don’t actually believe that what you’re doing is enough or specific to this level of mountaineering. It also doesn’t help that you’re struggling with fitting training into your work/home/life balance.


At the end of the day, you know that mountaineering at this level is a different ball game and when you make mistakes, the consequences can be life threatening to you and your team, which is why not being fit enough or strong enough is simply not an option.

What you need most right now is…

A proven step-by-step training system that’s specific to high altitude technical expeditions that’s going to get you ridiculously fit and strong, as well as help develop your technical movement up steep slopes, your rope skills, down climbing and movement while being roped in with your guide and team.

Here’s exactly what that training system looks like:

Yes! This Is Exactly What I’ve Been Looking For - What’s Next?

Mountain Range_edited.png

But that's only one part of this coaching program

Here are the other five parts that make it so successful and exactly what you need to build your fitness and strength, technical abilities and mindset to ensure you reach the summit and get down safely again.

1. Mountaineering & Trekking Training

Delivered to you in the form of a weekly customised training plan on your private profile within Kate’s app. Expect to find exercises that strengthen your Cardiovascular & Muscular Systems that are crucial and highly specific to trekking - as seen and described in Kate’s book. Each exercise has a short demonstration video so you know exactly how to do the exercise as well as the exact number of reps, sets and rest periods you should be doing based on the training phase that you’re strategically moving through.

2.Nutrition Plan

Being your ideal weight for this challenge is crucial which is why Kate calculates your ideal calorie and macronutrient intake so you hit your ideal weight without compromising on your energy levels for your training. Your nutrition plan is stored on your profile within the app, where you’ll also find over 350 different recipes that are automatically adjusted to your nutritional needs based on Kates calculations.

3. Gear Support

You’ll get weekly videos covering specific pieces of gear that you’ll need, as well as what they’re for, how to best use them and buy them in a multifunctional way so they serve you for this trip and any future trips. These videos are sent with a “what you need to know and when” approach in accordance with your departure timeline so that you can strategically get the knowledge you need in a manageable way and tick off your to do list on a weekly basis.

4. Technical Preparation

You will undoubtedly be moving up steep slopes that require technical footwork and movement - these techniques will be integrated with your weekly training so that you can practice on a regular basis. Depending on what peak you’re climbing, Kate also covers different knots, crampon techniques, movement while being roped in, ice axe skills, risk assessment and safety techniques for moving over crevasses and glaciers.

5. Mountain Mindset

Weekly mindset exercises and techniques with the goal of developing a deep sense of self belief, resilience and mental fortitude that will see you beyond any challenges you face on or off the mountain. As you move from strength to strength in your weekly training, expect to do the same in your mental approach.

This Is Exactly What I Need - How Do I Sign Up?

Why These Coaching Programs Produce Such Exceptional Results

Before you even start, Kate develops an Overall Training Draft to strategically plan each training phase and so that you get to see the bigger picture in bite size and easy to understand amounts. This will bring you so much certainty knowing you are following an exact step by step plan tailored to your goal.

The“best practices” and tips that have taken Kate over 8 years and 34 high altitude trips, to date, to learn, test and apply. Imagine how much more prepared you’d feel having 8 years of experience behind you.

Weekly videos covering everything from specific pieces of gear to altitude to breathing techniques to increase your lung capacity. Sent with a “what you need to know and when” approach so that you can strategically get the knowledge you need in a manageable way and tick off your to do list on a weekly basis.

Awareness and management of your training progression through a rating system  so that as you adapt and become fitter and stronger, so do your weekly training sessions. Your training should to be consistently hard enough to stimulate the physiological changes.

Monthly calls to catch up, talk all things high altitude, answer any  questions and give you the inspiring, motivational talk that you didn’t know you needed. It’s also a chance to connect and talk with someone who  understands you,  and why it’s important to you. You are not alone on this journey.

Bi-monthly fitness tests so that Kate can pin point your weaknesses, identify any imbalances to reduce the chance of injuries and make sure that you’re progressively getting stronger and fitter. If you don’t measure your fitness levels, how will ever improve them?

Weekly mindset techniques with the goal of developing a deep sense of self belief, resilience and mental fortitude that will see you beyond any challenge you face, on or off the mountain. As you move from strength to strength in your weekly training, expect to do the same in your mental approach.

Most importantly, accountability in the form of a coach who is deeply invested and dedicated to your success. It makes all the difference having someone in your corner who has the best intentions for you, who kindly yet firmly supports you, calls you out when you make excuses.

Mountain Range_edited.png

Not Convinced Yet?

Read what other people have said about this coaching program and what it’s like to be coached by Kate.

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Kelly - Lobuche East

Kate is the real thing: an exceptional coach who is skilled, intuitive, ultra responsive, and communicative. I came to Kate as a novice trekker, with an audacious goal — climb Lobuche East, despite having never done a high altitude peak let alone a big expedition! Kate guided me to reach my (in retrospect crazy) goal. I started from scratch, with below average fitness levels, fear of falling, AMS, gear issues, and especially, steep slopes. On top of the training plan, Kate also taught me different ascending and descending strategies, breathing techniques, how to develop a “mountaineers mindset”, safety maneuvers, and lots more. Most of all, she supported and encouraged me from day to day. I successfully summited Lobuche East on the 16th October 2022 and will forever remember the feeling of pride and strength despite the serious hard work it took to get to that moment. Kate has opened up an entirely new aspect of being in the mountains for me! I am enormously appreciative of Kate’s knowledge, Sports Science approach to training and most of all, her belief in me even when I didn’t see it/feel it!

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Ronan - Island Peak

I found working with Kate to be invaluable, honestly I can say all of the training and advice Kate had provided me I utilised on a daily basis while on my climbs... be it basics like ensuring my water was treated to more advanced techniques such as descending using crampons and ice axe. All of the training that Kate assigned me in the gym really paid off and I was honestly the strongest I've ever been on any climb.  Kate not only provided a comprehensive training programme but more importantly Kate was a sounding board for any concerns or worries that I had in advance of the climb(s). We spoke often and Kate was always available to chat through any items that I had on my mind. This ranged from what snacks to bring, packing of gear/equipment and how to stay healthy on the climbs. Kate was hugely important as well when it came to preparing my mental game… We spoke about what the climb meant to me and how I might feel both before and after.  I completed Kilimanjaro back in 2019 without a coach. When I compare my performance of that climb vs Island Peak..well it's not really comparable if I'm honest. Kate pushed me to achieve something magnificent and believed in me 100%.... I couldn’t honestly imagine completing another high altitude climb without working with Kate. I would recommend Kate to anyone who wants to succeed in their climbing pursuits - while success is not guaranteed, working with Kate will ensure you bring your A game to whatever climb you choose.

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Jeff - Baruntse

Working with Kate as a coach has been invaluable to me. Even though I’d been climbing for years, I was new to the extreme high altitude realm so when I signed up for Baruntse I knew I’d have to up my training and mindset in a massive way. After reading about Kate’s training methods and coaching approach, it was clear that she knew what she was doing and would be the best option for me. She designed my training plan down to the finest detail, even including grip strength in preparation for ascending and descending fixed lines, specific footwork techniques for steep slopes and breath work to control your pace and endurance. The amount of knowledge and experience Kate has is just immense. It’s very clear that she’s spent a lot of time climbing herself and has been able to translate all of that into a highly effective and mountain specific coaching program. Climbing Baruntse was an unforgettable experience made possible because of the planning and preparation Kate set out for me to follow. I was undoubtedly the fittest in my group. If you’re considering working with her, know that her training is not easy and she’ll call you out if you’re making excuses/skipping sessions but it’ll all be worth it when you’re standing on your summit.

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Maria - Aconcagua

I had decided to get back into mountaineering and climb Aconcagua after almost a decade of devoting my free time to kids, pets, etc. I made some progress training on my own, but it was inconsistent and felt inadequate. Kate was the obvious choice for me as I had read her book the previous year and gained so much from it. The training plan she set for me was divided into three phases over 6 months and helped me manageably and realistically move from basically zero fitness to what I needed to climb Aconcagua. She continually adapted it as I got fitter and pushed me on a weekly basis to improve my mindset in incremental yet powerful ways. Kate is a great coach who obviously knows what she’s doing in the high altitude mountaineering world but more importantly knows how to shift her coaching approach for each individual client in order to help them really reach their best mental and physical state. If you’re thinking about climbing Aconcagua - you should absolutely do Kate’s 6 month coaching program. You’ll see yourself on the summit long before you even get there!

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Matt - Denali

I found Kate on Instagram and reached out for some advice about prepping for the West Buttress Route on Denali. She was clearly very knowledgable and gave me some solid advice about training, specifically to haul my sled from camp to camp. My training wasn’t going great so I reached out to her again and signed up to her coaching program. From the very start she strategically set out a very mountain specific training plan and adapted everything to suit me and most importantly get me fit enough for Denali! We focused a lot on mindset and cold adaptation as those were the two areas I was most concerned with. In the build up to Denali, work became increasingly stressful and it became difficult to manage working hours plus my training schedule. After a distressed message to Kate, she got on the phone with me, spoke some good sense and adjusted my training schedule so that it was manageable without compromising on my fitness for Denali. It was a make or break moment/couple of weeks for me and she flawlessly guided me through it and helped me refocus on what was important. Days in the mountains not in the office. If I’m being completely honest, I don’t think I would have even done Denali let alone summited without Kate. She was instrumental in every aspect of my preparation and was the positive and energetic kick up the arse every time I started slacking/skipping sessions. I’d recommend Kate to anyone venturing into the high altitude world whether that’s Kilimanjaro or the likes of Denali.

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Andrea - Kazbek, Mera & Island Peak

Since working with Kate I’ve successfully climbed Kazbek, Mera Peak, Island Peak and now I’m aiming for Ama Dablam. It’s still a fair bit outside of my technical ability but Kate has yet again adapted my training plan to be focused on exactly what level of strength and fitness I need for it. She has me doing some of the craziest things that get some strange looks but it’s the best way I can prep for Ama Dablam living in a big, very flat city. Kate is a dedicated, highly skilled and passionate mountaineering coach. She impressed me from the very first call we had and continued to do so throughout my 6 month program with her to the point where I wouldn’t prep for a high altitude peak without her. She is empathetic and understanding but never accepts any of my excuses and always pushed me to go beyond the story I tell myself. She has been there with me every step of the way and always seems to know exactly what to say and when to say it to get the best performance (mentally and physically) out of me. I would highly recommend Kate to anyone wanting to do a high altitude peak/route - her training plans, advice and overall guidance is second to none.

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Terrance - Lobuche East & Island Peak

Having done a lot of climbing in the Alps, I decided to set my goals a little higher and climb Lobuche East and Island Peak. I was concerned about my fitness and how to best prepare for an expedition vs the alpine climbs that I was used to in the Alps. I had been following Kate on Instagram for a while and so I knew she was the right coach for me. If you’ve seen her profile then you’ll know how valuable her content is but quite frankly, that doesn’t even touch sides with the tips, advice, planning and crazy amount of high altitude knowledge that she’ll share with you as her client. Apart from the training plan Kate built for me, I found her positive, upbeat attitude the second most important part of this physical endeavour. They say climbing a mountain is 20% training and 80% mental and I can say from my perspective that those percentages hold true. I was fitter than I've ever been before but most importantly I was mentally stronger than all of the challenges we faced on both peaks thanks to the mindset coaching that Kate took me through in addition to my training. Working with Kate will undoubtedly make all difference on your high altitude expedition - highly recommend her coaching program!

Imagine For A Moment

how it would feel to go through each day on this expedition, never tiring, gaining even more strength and confidence as you gain altitude. Knowing that there is nothing you cannot overcome and that you absolutely will make the summit.

Imagine How It Would Feel

Being the strongest in your team and having a strength reserve so deep that it allows you to help your teammates.


That could absolutely be your experience of your expedition.

That’s Exactly What I Want To Happen - How Do I Sign Up?

Mountain Range_edited.png

Not sure whether you’re training enough for your high altitude trek or expedition?

Use The High Altitude Training Formula™ for FREE and calculate exactly how many hours you should be training per week to get fit enough for your trek or expedition.

To calculate resting heart rate, put two fingers on the inner side of your wrist (thumb side). Count how many beats your have in 10 seconds and multiply that number by 6. That is your Resting Heart Rate.

Resting Heart Rate:


Highest Altitude:




The intended number of days for the trek or expedition. Eg. Everest Base Camp - 12 days.

The highest point that you're planning on reaching. Eg. Kilimanjaro summit - 5,895m.

Your results will be emailed to you shortly INCLUDING the 5 ways you should be training to get fit enough for your high altitude trek/expedition.

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