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Mountain Range

Cue the virtual confetti 

Congratulations for clicking through - I’m so excited to have you here!

To sign up and start your program, you need to complete these FOUR STEPS:

STEP ONE: Fill in your personal details in the form below and decide how many months you'd like you to do.

STEP TWO: Click the payment link below to effortlessly and securely complete your first month's payment.

STEP THREE: Once I receive your payment, you'll get an email with a confidential link plus instructions to set up your private profile and download the app on any of your mobile devices.

STEP FOUR: Now comes the exciting part! After setting up your profile, you’ll be guided to fill out a consultation form. This step is crucial, as the more insight you provide, the better I can tailor your training program and my coaching approach to perfectly suit your needs and get the absolute best out of you.


Once you've completed STEP FOUR, get ready to hit the ground running on the following Monday! I am so excited to have you on board and to welcome you to my team. If you’ve any questions, feel free to reach out but otherwise…


See you on the other side!

STEP ONE: Fill In Your Details
How Many Months Would You Like to Do?

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Mountain Range

STEP TWO: Complete Your First Month's Payment And Sign Up Today!

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I can't wait to see you on the other side! 

Your Coach, Kate

Not  sure if I'm the right Coach for you?

Checkout the kind of free content I share on Instagram and imagine the kind of next level advice, best practices and tips that I reserve *ONLY* for my clients.

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Here's What Other People Have Said About Coaching With Me:

“I’ve worked with coaches before but Kate is something else.”

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