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The 35 Best Exercises For Mountaineering & Trekking Training

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Please read “The 5 Essential Training Principles Of Mountaineering & Trekking” before you start this blog. You’ll need to understand what the training principles actually are in order to fully benefit from The 35 Best Exercises For Mountaineering & Trekking or what I like to call, my Exercise Cheat Sheet.

If you use this Exercise Cheat Sheet in accordance with the 5 Essential Training Principles, you’ll have the ultimate, mountaineering & trekking training plan. The reason why these specific exercises are so effective is because they are specific to the task at hand – mountaineering and or trekking. This is the exact same theory and approach that a footballer would have towards his or her training. They practice and do exercises that simulate the same movements that they would need to do on the football field. They don’t practice tennis or do tennis exercises and expect to get fitter, stronger and more skilful on a football field. This theory and approach applies to mountaineering & trekking too, regardless what mountain or route you are doing.


1. Running

2. Hill Walking

3. Rowing

4. Cycling

5. Swimming

TRAINING PRINCIPLE 2: Ankle Mobility & Balance

6. Knee to Wall Ankle Mobilization

7. Plate Ankle Mobilization

8. Plantarflexion

9. Dorsiflexion

10. Self Myofascial Release (SMR) of the calf muscle

11. T-Stand with Hinge and Side Bend

12. Single Leg Balance Exercises

13. Calf Raisers (with your eyes closed)

14. Single Leg Step Downs


15. Split Jumping Lunges

16. Box Jumps

17. Squat Jumps

18. Hill Sprints

19. Burpees (with a high jump)

20. Reverse Lunge Knee-Ups

21. Stairway Hops

22. Lateral Bounds

TRAINING PRINCIPLE 4: Leg & Glute Strength

23. Step Ups

24. Walking Lunges

25. Squats (with varied foot positions)

26. Side Lying Glute Exercises

27. Wall Sits

28. Side Step Ups

29. Hip Bridge


30. Front Plank

31. Jacknife

32. Leg Raises

33. Swimming (Pilates exercise)

34. Mountain Climbers (with a band around both feet)

35. Bicycles

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