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The Best Long Trek To Do In April - Huayhuash Trek

You'll find the most important details you need to know about this trek here, ranging from average cost to the nearest airport, aswell as a brief description of what you should expect on this trek.

FYI - This is part of a series of blogs that describe and detail the best short and long treks around the world per month. The trek per month is not random, I chose the best treks with the best climate conditions per month. Type in May in the search bar of my blog section and find out what the best treks to take are in May.

Name of the Trek: Cordillera Huayhuash Trek

Location: Peru

Nearest Airport: Peru Jorge Chavez International Airport

Average Trekking Duration: 12 days

Distance: 120 km

Difficulty: Moderate

Highest Altitude: 5,000m

Best Month To Go: April

Average Temperature: 18 degrees Centigrade to -9 degrees centigrade

Average Cost: Trekking solo, the cost is of joining a tour operator of USD $70 per person on an average. These treks will include food and porter services on the go. The food will be anything from bread and fruits to the local delicacies. If you are going solo without a guide, the cost will be just for food, and you can expect to shell out as much as USD $10 approximately every day for food.

Since the trek is above 4000m, you will need to acclimatize as you embark on your trek up to Huayhuash. Take at least 2 days for the same at Huaraz. The best aspect of the trek will be outstanding views like Yerupajamountain, splendid glacial lakes, and more. These are worth the trek, and you can enjoy it likewise. On reaching Huaraz from Lima and acclimatization, you move to Callejon de Huaylas Valley until you reach Quartelhuain.

While climbing up to Janca Valley at a height of 4200m and then reaching Paso Siula Punta, and more such places, you will find the views of majestic snow-capped mountains around you. The final climb to Huayhush and reaching Viconga Hot Springs is relieving after 5 or 6 days of the trek. You can expect to begin a trek to Huayllapa as you pass through Llamac and finally reach Huaraz.

What to Expect?

To start with, you will find the need to acclimatize, and it is advisable to carry enough dry foods for the way. There is not much of food option or stores as you trek up unless you join a tour operator. High altitude sickness is common. So, make sure you checkout my 2 part blog giving you everything you need to know about Altitude Sickness Prevention and How To Use Diamox. Though this is no technical trek, the route is nevertheless long, and with each step, you get to see a new scene unfold before you. The temperature range can be very drastic. In the morning and daytime, the temperature can be as high and yet, the temperature following sunset can go sub-zero. Thus, make sure to carry thick jackets and tents.

The trek operating company will offer cook service along with porters and all the amenities. The only negative is, you will need to trek anything between 5 and 8 hours per day.

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