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The Best Long Trek To Do In June - Pin Parvati Valley Trek

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

You'll find the most important details you need to know about this trek here, ranging from average cost to the nearest airport, aswell as a brief description of what you should expect on this trek.

FYI - This is part of a series of blogs that describe and detail the best short and long treks around the world per month. The trek per month is not random, I chose the best treks with the best climate conditions per month. Type in July in the search bar of my blog section and find out what the best treks to take are in July.

Name of the Trek: Pin Parvati Valley Trek

Location: Himachal Pradesh

Nearest Airport: Kullu Airport or Chandigarh International Airport

Average Trekking Duration: 11 days

Distance: 110 km

Difficulty: Challenging

Highest Altitude: 5,319 m

Best Month To Go: June

Average Temperature: 8 degrees Celsius and lower

Average Cost: For trekking through one of the most scenic hiking routes in India, the cost for solo trekkers will be around USD $1700. It is also possible to go on a twin-sharing basis if you go with the help of a trek operator. The cost would then be around USD $1200.

Experienced trekkers often take this trek with the greatest enthusiasm. The trek route goes through the Greater Himalayan National Park and even through several rural hamlets all the while letting you soak in the majestic beauty of the Himalayas. As you trek the long barren pass, you also get to see the route to take for reaching the Spiti Valley. The trek route will begin from Kaza where you need to spend a day for acclimatization. Then go for the Tya Trek to reach the Pin Base camp situated at a height of 4810 m.

From there, the mountaineering experts will need to go to Mantalai Lake, OdiThach campsite, and Kheerganga. You need to conclude the trek at Kulluby crossing Bursheni. The high altitude during this trek will be at Kunzum La.

What to Expect?

Pin Parvati Pass Trek is cold throughout the year. Thus, it is better to wear warm clothes, carry mittens, and thermal inner wear too along with sunscreen and sunglasses. There is a need to carry a bag to collect trash. The trek duration might extend due to unpredictable weather through the trek. Trekkers will need to consider extra money for food and porters or mules for luggage transfer from Kaza to Tya.

Besides the rugged routes throughout, you will find meadows of the OdiThach or the alpine forests and fresh cold rivers flowing by. At Parvati Kund, do not miss out taking a dip at the hot water springs. It is sure to heal your sore back and legs after this long trek.

The uphill route is pristine and offers a clear view of the Himalayas. So do remember to carry your camera all along. You can camp at OdiThach and by the Mantalai Lake and even enjoy nature here as gigantic mountains rise all around you.

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