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The Best Long Trek To Do In March - The Tahoe Rim Trail Trek

You'll find the most important details you need to know about this trek here, ranging from average cost to the nearest airport, aswell as a brief description of what you should expect on this trek.

FYI - This is part of a series of blogs that describe and detail the best short and long treks around the world per month. The trek per month is not random, I chose the best treks with the best climate conditions per month. Type in April in the search bar of my blog section and find out what the best treks to take are in April.

Name of the Trek: Tahoe Rim Trail Trek

Location: California

Nearest Airport: Reno-Tahoe International Airport

Average Trekking Duration: 16 days

Distance: 266 km

Difficulty: Moderate/ Difficult

Highest Altitude: 3,151 m

Best Month To Go: March

Average Temperature: Sub-zero to 10 degrees Celsius

Average Cost: The trail is fine to go solo trekking all along, but it is nevertheless a necessity to get a few permits for camping out. The permits cost $5, and you will need to pay $10 for reserving your campsite. There are three areas to camp and have your meals.

The trekking route is moderately challenging to the difficult mode and more so during winters. It is better to carry water purifiers. You will need enough of drinking water so you should know about the purifying methods to clean the stream waters wherever they are available. This is a challenge as much as relying on resupplying of food during the trail.

What to Expect?

Though people go on trek all through the year, the trekkers seeking to view wildflowers should visit the trail between July and September. But those aiming for Winter treks can take this route between October and June. There may be a few points off-limits during winter months like the Heavenly Stagecoach Ski area or the Barker’s Pass, which may be closed due to snow. There are risks of Avalanches or bears along the way.

Along the trek, you will come across Brockway Summit, Lava Cliffs, Mt Rose Summit, and Relay Peak. You will also cross Spooner Summit, Carson Range, and other such notable spots.

Trekkers will need to remember to leave no trace of food while cooking and camping since the bears will find their way to you in no time. So, before going on the high altitude trek, it is necessary to get permits and find out bear safety kits before beginning the journey. The route starts from Tahoe City and ends at Desolation Wilderness. There are a total of three permits needed in the trek. There are over 10 trailheads for the trek, but a few of these are closed during the trek. It will be necessary to get resupplies for your trek from the nearby cities of Tahoe City and South Lake Tahoe.

The biggest challenge on this mountaineering route is the availability of fresh drinkable water. There are plenty of lakes along the way, but many are away from the trail. Moreover, there are long stretches where you will not be near any.

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