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The Best Short Trek To Do In February - Alang Madan Kulang Trek

You'll find the most important details you need to know about this trek here, ranging from average cost to the nearest airport, aswell as a brief description of what you should expect on this trek.

FYI - This is part of a series of blogs that describe and detail the best short and long treks around the world per month. The trek per month is not random, I chose the best treks with the best climate conditions per month. Type in March in the search bar of my blog section and find out what the best treks to take are in March.

Name of the Trek: Alang Madan Kulang Trek

Location: Maharashtra, India

Nearest Airport: Mumbai International Airport

Average Trekking Duration: 3 Days

Distance: 18kms

Difficulty: Easy/ Moderate

Best Month To Go: February

Highest Altitude: 1,463m

Average Temperature: Around 20 degrees centigrade

Average Cost: The trekking will cost about USD $48 to $60 if you avail a local tour operator. Things covered under the amount includes tents, transport from Mumbai to the base camp and back, food for all three days. However, any other expense will be completed upon the expense of the traveler.

For Solo travelers, the cost would be somewhere around USD $35 to $40. This, however, does not include the cost of tents, a vital utility while traveling in this high altitude route. There are no shelters available otherwise, and you will need to arrange for your food through the trek. There is no need to hire a guide unless you are trekking for the first time in these parts.

The overall trekking route revolves around the famous Sahayadri Range based in Central India and crossing the Western Ghats. The trek features traveling to three famous forts situated across the range. This one trek will test your resilience and push your trekking efforts across a difficult territory. At the end of the trek, rest assured that you would carry back memories of a lifetime.

What to Expect?

Alang Madan Kulang Treks feature visiting three forts located in the hills. The route to each fort requires barely reaches 10 kilometers at a stretch. Nevertheless, the mountaineering condition will make things extremely difficult and will end up consuming many hours to reach each of the forts.

On the first day, start at around 7.30-8.00 am from Ambewadi and trek towards Madangad or Madan Fort for a distance of about 7 km. From the top of Madangad’s rocky patch, spend some good time in witnessing the scenic beauty of the location. At noon, descend back to Alang Fort, stay near a cave en-route, and catch the fantastic view of the night.

Next morning, explore the entire Alang Fort area. Next up, prepare early to leave for the Kulang Fort region.

On the final day of the trek, wake up and explore the regions of Kulang Fort extensively. Start by 9 am to reach Ambewadi by afternoon. By evening, you will arrive Kasara from Ambewadi. Go on this trek if you love sprawling vistas.

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