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The Best Short Trek To Do In June - Trollheimen Trek

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

You'll find the most important details you need to know about this trek here, ranging from average cost to the nearest airport, aswell as a brief description of what you should expect on this trek.

FYI - This is part of a series of blogs that describe and detail the best short and long treks around the world per month. The trek per month is not random, I chose the best treks with the best climate conditions per month. Type in July in the search bar of my blog section and find out what the best treks to take are in July.

Name of the Trek: Trollheimen Trek

Location: Norway, Europe

Nearest Airport: Oslo International Airport

Average Trekking Duration: 5 days

Distance: Around 50 km

Difficulty: Challenging

Highest Altitude: 1452 m

Best Month To Go: June

Average Temperature: Around 10 to 15 degrees Centigrade

Average Cost: The average cost a person trekking with a tour operator is around USD $1600 to $1700. Under this budget, things covered include the transfer charges from Airport to Gardermoon- Oppdal, accommodation, 3 times food per day, and local guide.

Solo travelers could expect the budget to come around USD $1400. The point in traveling solo is a good idea considering the route is straightforward. However, the person requires knowing and understanding the local culture of the region.

Trollheimen hiking features trekking mountain and exploring one of the breathtaking spots along the trail. Throughout the trek, you will witness some of the untouched mysteries of Scandinavia and see yourself hiking in a typical Nordic valley.

What to Expect?

Norway, in one word, is spellbinding. The pristinely beautiful glaciers and mountains, backed with lakes and summits, make Trollheimen a place to visit. On the first day of the trek, you will be transferred from Oslo to Oppdal in a train. Enjoy the relatively more comfortable day 1 with a visit the largest graveyard from the Viking Era, located at a stone throw distance from Oppdal.

Next morning, a 40-minute short commute will lead to Storiladen. This is inside the main regions of Trollheimen, and the pursuit of mountaineering begins from here to the marked trail at Kavatn. The day requires around 7 hours of hiking.

The next day requires trekking in the 2.5 km gravel road and reach Innerdalen. In the final stages of the day, trekking route leading up to Bjoraskaret gives a breathtaking view of Innerdalen Valley, the most beautiful valley of Norway. The day ends with around 5 to 6 hours of trekking.

Day 4 brings a full exploration of Innerladen. Start the day to reach the high altitude point of the region at the Tower of Innerdalstarnet, located at about 1,452 meters. The rocky areas leading to the summit with twisted roads is a joy to try. The overall hike time for the day is 6 to 8 hours.

The final day will see you getting down along the 20 km valley of Storlidalen and cross the Lake Tovatna and reach the end of the valley side. The highlights of the day include the swampy valley terrain and a view of Kringlehoa and Storsalen range. From Storlidalen, you can commence your return journey.

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