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Pssst... Ready to get ridiculously fit (and fast) for your next adventure? You're in the right place!

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Ready to get fitter (and  faster) for your next mountain?

The start to summit training course
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"This Course will revolutionise the way you train for every mountain to come!"

"The only issue I have with this Course is that I wish  I had found it sooner."

"It's a breath of fresh air to have a plan specifically for trekking, rather than following generic workouts."

Is this You?

You’ve got a trek or mountaineering expedition planned (insert happy dance)but…


  • You’re feeling  stuck with your training - in a frustrating cycle of trying but not getting any fitter or faster.


  • The training you’ve done so far doesn’t feel like it’s enough or the right thing.


  • You’ve read all the blogs, watched all the videos, and saved all the Instagram posts but you don't know  how you should focus your efforts.


  • You’re worried (even though you haven’t told anyone) that you’ll be the slowest in your group because you weren’t fit enough.


  • Deep down, you know that if you’re not fit enough then you will struggle, potentially not make it or worse, be asked to turn around.


  • And that would be devastating and beyond disappointing.

  • You know you can do better and be so much better but you just don’t know how to or where to even begin to move from your current fitness levels to where you WANT need for your trip.

Hey, I get it

What you really want is...


  • To go from averagely fit to MOUNTAIN FITPreferably in the fastest way possible.


  • To feel more excited than nervous because you know that you’ve done enough.


  • To actually enjoy the trek or expedition - without physically and mentally suffering through each day.


  • To experience the most epic and transformative adventure because you trained properly for it.


  • To feel proud of yourself, knowing that you did it. That it wasn’t luck that got you there. You made it happen every single step of the way.

The Problem is... 

What you're doing is not enough to move you FroM...

(where you are today)
(insert vision of EPIC adventure)

But it doesn't have to be that way


That vision of how you want to feel and the experience you want to have can

aBSOLUtELY be your story.


And that’s where I (and this Course) come in.

Hi 👋 my name is Kate Sielmann

I’m a Sports Scientist, Mountaineering Coach and Mum to 4-year-old twins 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

And I'd  love to show you how I can help you get fitter (and faster)and have the epic and transformative adventure that you really want to have.



The Start To Summit Training Course


A digital course teaching you the exact steps you need to build your own training plan that is going to get you undoubtedly fitter (and faster)


The Course is based on The Start To Summit Training System, which has revolutionised the way to properly and effectively train for mountaineering and trekking. 


Gone are the days of training by “spending more time in the mountains” or the benchmark of mountain fitness being “if you can comfortably run 10kms”

This System is a definitive, step-by-step process to improving your endurance, muscular strength + overall mountain specific fitness

Here’s How the Course works:
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The Course is comprised of Eight Modules that will be delivered through a library of recorded videos with Kate Sielmann as your guide and HOST. These videos will guide you through each step to building your training plan with suggested resources and top recommendations.



You’ll also get a workbook to use in conjunction with each Module. Throughout the Course, you’ll be guided to fill in the blanks and make notes.

YES!Let's do it

Full Payment: £399

By the End of the Course...


You will have a week by week training blueprint based on The Start To Summit Training System that is specific to you and your adventure. 

With over five years of testing - you can confidently tick off your weekly training sessions knowing  that you will get fitter (and faster)in a mountain specific way.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the Eight  Core Modules:

Your Weekly Training Hours​

  • You’ll get unlimited access to The High Altitude Training Formula™ so that you can calculate exactly how many hours you should be training per week in order to get fit enough for the peak or route you’ve got planned. 


  • You’ll learn how to tweak and adjust your weekly training hours as you get fitter and closer to your departure date so that you are consistently getting fitter and NEVER plateauing.


  • By the end of this module, you’ll have an exact number of hours you should be training for every single week of your training plan.


The 5 Cardiovascular & Muscular Systems

  • Just like a tennis player trains specifically for tennis by focusing on specific muscles and movement patterns, so should you but in a mountain-specific way.

  • And that’s where the 5 physiological systems that are crucial to mountaineering and trekking come into play. 

  • You’ll learn what they are, why they’re crucial to your success and MOST IMPORTANTLY… How to integrate them into your weekly training plan.

  • I’ll also share countless ways to integrate these systems into your day to day life making sure your efforts are focused and effective with the time that you have.


Heart Rate Zones

  • There are technically five Heart Rate Zones but we’ll focus on the two that matter the most. The two that are going to massively improve your endurance and get you faster. 

  • The goal here is to get you to the point where you can climb or trek for hours on end, at the same speed, without tiring.

  • You’ll learn how to leverage and use heart rate training so that you can climb or trek for hours on end, at the same speed without tiring!

  • Don’t have a Heart Rate monitor - no problem. I’ll share with you the physical signs to know when you’re in each zone and how to understand those signs to pace yourself here (and there!).


The 4 Training Phases

  • In order to progressively and consistently get fitter, you need to continuously adjust and scale your training - this is where the four training phases come in.

  • You’ll learn how to increase intensity and adjust each training session AND each Phase so that you’re consistently getting fitter and stronger.

  • You’ll get clarity (and peace) by understanding the bigger picture and how each Phase ties into the end goal - getting you fitter and faster.

  • P.S. Most people make the mistake of not phasing their training and then wonder why they never get fitter.


Phase one: Aerobic

  • You’ll get over 15 tips on how to make the most of this phase - skipping the mistakes and going straight to the results that you want: getting fitter and faster.

  • PLUS I’ve done you a weekly example of exactly what your training should look like in this phase.


Phase two: Muscular Endurance

  • Ever felt like you go snail pace uphill? In this module, you’ll learn exactly what you need to do (and how) to get faster for steeeeep slopes.

  • I’ll share the three key secrets to developing immense strength and endurance so that you can powerfully step up (and down) without tiring.

  • PLUS I’ve done you a weekly example of exactly what your training should look like in this phase.


Phase three: MOuntain-specific

  • Understand how to adjust your training in this phase to make it more mountain-specific, helping you get laser focused (and best prepared) for the type of terrain you’ll be moving over.

  • PLUS I’ve done you a weekly example of exactly what your training should look like in this phase.


Phase four: Tapering

  • The final piece of the puzzle and one of the most important - a training technique used to prime your body so that you reach your PEAK physical condition as you start your adventure.

  • P.S. Most people don’t know about this and end up feeling exhausted and fatigued before they even officially start their adventure.

You also get:

BONUS 1: The Start To Summit Training Course Workbook


A downloadable + printable Workbook for you to use and complete during each Module. At the end of the Course, your Workbook will become your Training Blueprint.

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BONUS 2: Lifetime Access To This Course


If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a bucket list of peaks that you’d like to do which makes this Course even more valuable because you’ll be able to use it again and again as you train and prepare for each new adventure.

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BONUS 3: ACCESS to the Training Group chat


Got questions or need help? GREAT! I'm here to help you! You'll have access to the group chat  where you can ask me ANYTHING training related and I'll answer + coach you within the group

Instagram Comments About The Start To Summit Training Course:

“I bought this last night and I’ve binge watched the whole thing. Makes total sense - No wonder I wasn’t getting any fitter before 😂”

Psssst I’ve got even more for YOU!
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BONUS 4: 40+ Best Practices & Tips

You know those things + tips you WISHED you had known before… Here’s 40+ of them!

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BONUS 5: 11 Best summit night practices

It’s the final moment - the one you’ve worked so hard for. Use these 11 BEST PRACTICES to make sure that there are ZERO mistakes!

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BONUS 6: How to increase lung capacity


Always out of breath? You’ll LOVE this! The 3 proven techniques to increase Lung Capacity and in turn improve endurance + acclimatisation.

YES!Let's do it

Full Payment: £399

 STeP ONE:Sign up + create your account

STeP TWO:Complete your payment + get immediate access to The Course


why DO I have to create an account first?

Because you need an account  BEFORE you can pay. Once your payment is complete, you'll get immediate access to The Course through your account.

Got Q's? I've got the A's!

  • Will this work for me?
    Me: Are you trekking or climbing a mountain? You: Yes. Me: Then it will absolutely work for you. You: But what about my age and experience? Me: It’s still going to work for you. Can I tell you why? Every single step of The Start To Summit Training system is adjustable based on YOU! That means that there are several calculations along the way that you will need to do to make your training plan SPECIFIC to you, your fitness level, experience and the adventure you’ve got planned. This Course is NOT a “cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all” Course but if you’re serious about getting fitter (and faster) then you’ll see that as a good thing. PLUS Getting fitter and stronger is not personal. The physiological adaptations that happen (when you follow a structured training plan specific to you), will happen whether you’re doing the Everest Base Camp trek or setting your sights on the summit of Denali. The training principles are the same. The physiological adaptations that happen are the same. For you, for your next door neighbour and for your best mate who you’re trying to convince to join you. This Course will work for you because it is backed by science, a Sports Scientist and someone (insert yours truly) who genuinely want you to have the most amazing experience because you were more than “fit enough”.
  • My trek/expedition is in 4 weeks - can I still do the Course?
    The easy (and more profitable) answer would be to just say ‘YES’ but that would a disservice to you. If you’ve got 4 weeks (or less) until your departure date then of course you can still do the Course BUT you won’t get the full benefits of what I share with you. Here’s why: It takes a minimum of 6 weeks of regular, structured training for the physiological adaptations (ie. the getting fitter on a cellular level part) to develop [and for you to feel like you’re getting fitter]. That means, anything less than 6 weeks will make this Course seem ineffective. So, can I make a suggestion instead? Sign up for the Course (because it’s only open for a limited time) and save it (because you get to keep it forever) for your next adventure when you have more time.
  • How does the course work?
    Once you’ve completed your payment, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to create your login in details and access The Start To Summit Training Course. The Course is divided over eight modules, taking you through each step to building a highly effective and easy to implement training plan that is going to get you undoubtedly fit enough. By the end of the eighth module, you will have a week by week training plan that is 100% personalised to you that you can to implement right away. You’re welcome to either binge watch every module in one go or take a more conservative approach and do one module per day or per week. The choice is yours!
  • How do I know this is the real deal?
    After 8+ years of following the EXACT steps I’m going to share with you, I have seen people (complete strangers, my clients and myself) successfully complete Kilimanjaro, EBC, Aconcagua, Elbrus, Denali, Mount Kenya, Matterhorn, Eiger, Breithorn, Machu Picchu, Island Peak, Mira Peak, Chimborazo, Nun Peak, Spantik, The Annapurna Circuit, The Snowman Trek, and endless more. The system works and I’ve got countless success stories ( to show for it. But if you’re still not convinced, checkout my Instagram profile ( where over 36,000 people trust me and listen to me when it comes to training and preparing for mountains.
  • How long do I have access to the course for?
    How does forever sound? Once you’ve paid, The Start To Summit Training Course becomes yours to keep. Your access to the Course library and resources does not expire so you come back and use it time and time again! What if I change my mind and don’t want to do the Course anymore? Firstly, that’s never happened. Secondly, the Course is non-refundable. But thirdly, if you do for whatever reason suddenly change your mind then please drop me [Kate] an email at and let me know what’s not working for you and I will do my absolute best to find a solution for you ❤️
  • Can I reach out to you if I've got a question during/after the Course?
    Absolutely! I've built a Group Discussion area specifically for that purpose. As soon as you've created your account and completed your payment, you'll be automatically added to the Group. You'll be able to post questions there, as well as see the questions other members have asked. I'm absolutely here to help so don't feel that you are alone in this Course - if you get stuck, have a question or just want to run something by me then know that I'm here for you ❤️

Hey!you’ve reached the end!


Can I tell you a simple truth that you may not be ready to hear?


The consequence of not training properly means you won’t be fit enough. 


Which then means you’ll  struggle and suffer or worse, you simply won’t make it.


That vision that you have and the experience that you dream of won’t happen unless you take your training seriously.


I know we don’t know each other from a bar of soap but…


I genuinely care about your success.


I want you to stand on the summit (or at the end of your trek) with  tears in your eyes knowing that it wasn’t luck that got you there.


You made a conscious choice to train properly for it and as a result… YOU MADE IT HAPPEN.


I want you to know and understand just how powerful and capable you are when you have a definitive roadmap to follow.


You’ve gotten this far (in my very long page) for a reason. Scroll back up, choose your payment option and let’s make that epic (successful) experience happen by getting you fitter AND faster! 




See you on the other side ❤️


Your Coach and biggest supporter,

Kate  x x x 

YES!Let's do it

Full Payment: £399

 STeP ONE:Sign up + create your account

STeP TWO:Complete your payment + get immediate access to The Course


why DO I have to create an account first?

Because you need an account  BEFORE you can pay. Once your payment is complete, you'll get immediate access to The Course through your account.


Send them here and a member of the team will get back to as quickly as possible!

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