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You’re planning on climbing a technical peak below 6,000m but the only problem is…

You’re worried that you won’t be fit enough.


With the added pressure of the technical aspect, you know that you can’t afford to lack in fitness and strength.


You’ve likely done a high altitude peak before, like Kilimanjaro, but you know that what you did for that trip, is not enough for this one.


You’re struggling to stay consistent with the little training that you are doing because you don’t actually know what to do that’s specific to this level of mountaineering and it doesn’t help that you’re struggling with fitting training into your work/home/life balance.


When you make mistakes at this level, the consequences can be life threatening. You know and understand that, which is why not being fit enough or strong enough is a big concern or you.

What you need most right now is…

A proven step-by-step training system that’s specific to high altitude technical mountaineering that’s going to get you beyond "fit enough”, as well as help develop your technical movement up steep slopes, your rope skills, down climbing and the technique for moving safely while being roped into your guide.

Here’s exactly what that training system looks like:

That’s Exactly What I Want - How Do I Sign Up?

Mountain Range_edited.png

But that's only one part of this coaching program.

Here are the other five parts that make it so successful and exactly what you need to build your fitness and strength, technical abilities and mindset to ensure you reach the summit and get down safely again.

1. Mountaineering & Trekking Training

Delivered to you in the form of a weekly customised training plan on your private profile within Kate’s app. Expect to find exercises that strengthen your Cardiovascular & Muscular Systems that are crucial and highly specific to trekking - as seen and described in Kate’s book. Each exercise has a short demonstration video so you know exactly how to do the exercise as well as the exact number of reps, sets and rest periods you should be doing based on the training phase that you’re strategically moving through.

2. Nutrition Plan

Being your ideal weight for this challenge is crucial which is why Kate calculates your ideal calorie and macronutrient intake so you hit your ideal weight without compromising on your energy levels for your training. Your nutrition plan is stored on your profile within the app, where you’ll also find over 350 different recipes that are automatically adjusted to your nutritional needs based on Kates calculations.

3. Gear Support

You’ll get weekly videos covering specific pieces of gear that you’ll need, as well as what they’re for, how to best use them and buy them in a multifunctional way so they serve you for this trip and any future trips. These videos are sent with a “what you need to know and when” approach in accordance with your departure timeline so that you can strategically get the knowledge you need in a manageable way and tick off your to do list on a weekly basis.

4. Technical Preparation

You will undoubtedly be moving up steep slopes that require technical footwork and movement - these techniques will be integrated with your weekly training so that you can practice on a regular basis. Depending on what peak you’re climbing, Kate also covers different knots, crampon techniques, movement while being roped in, ice axe skills, risk assessment and safety techniques for moving over crevasses and glaciers.

5. Mountain Mindset

Weekly mindset exercises and techniques with the goal of developing a deep sense of self belief, resilience and mental fortitude that will see you beyond any challenges you face on or off the mountain. As you move from strength to strength in your weekly training, expect to do the same in your mental approach.

This Is Exactly What I Need - How Do I Sign Up?

Why These Coaching Programs Produce Such Exceptional Results

Before you even start, Kate develops an Overall Training Draft to strategically plan each training phase and so that you get to see the bigger picture in bite size and easy to understand amounts. This will bring you so much certainty knowing you are following an exact step by step plan tailored to your goal.

The“best practices” and tips that have taken Kate over 8 years and 34 high altitude trips, to date, to learn, test and apply. Imagine how much more prepared you’d feel having 8 years of experience behind you.

Weekly videos covering everything from specific pieces of gear to altitude to breathing techniques to increase your lung capacity. Sent with a “what you need to know and when” approach so that you can strategically get the knowledge you need in a manageable way and tick off your to do list on a weekly basis.

Awareness and management of your training progression through a rating system  so that as you adapt and become fitter and stronger, so do your weekly training sessions. Your training should to be consistently hard enough to stimulate the physiological changes.

Monthly calls to catch up, talk all things high altitude, answer any  questions and give you the inspiring, motivational talk that you didn’t know you needed. It’s also a chance to connect and talk with someone who  understands you,  and why it’s important to you. You are not alone on this journey.

Bi-monthly fitness tests so that Kate can pin point your weaknesses, identify any imbalances to reduce the chance of injuries and make sure that you’re progressively getting stronger and fitter. If you don’t measure your fitness levels, how will ever improve them?

Weekly mindset techniques with the goal of developing a deep sense of self belief, resilience and mental fortitude that will see you beyond any challenge you face, on or off the mountain. As you move from strength to strength in your weekly training, expect to do the same in your mental approach.

Most importantly, accountability in the form of a coach who is deeply invested and dedicated to your success. It makes all the difference having someone in your corner who has the best intentions for you, who kindly yet firmly supports you, calls you out when you make excuses.

Mountain Range_edited.png

Not Convinced Yet?

Read what other people have said about this coaching program and what it’s like to be coached by Kate.

Grant - Karly Tau, Kyrgyzstan

Working with Kate was a really enjoyable experience - from day one she was super engaged and interested in not just improving my fitness levels, but in my expedition as a whole. When my original plans to climb Elbrus had to change due to the conflict, it felt like Kate genuinely cared about helping me find the right alternative and worked with me to find an even better adventure.  The most beneficial aspects of working with Kate were definitely having her deep understanding of Sports Science coupled with mountaineering experience which provided a training plan that was super specific to the type of fitness I needed. On top of that, Kate’s general advice was invaluable - everything from advice on dealing with altitude to tips on tackling those long gruelling days of load carrying - all of which were put into practice on the expedition!  Working with Kate both helped me prepare as much as possible prior to the trip AND also armed me with tips, tricks and knowledge to help me face the various challenges of being at altitude in such an incredibly remote part of the world with no porters or assistance. Kate’s commitment to making sure I was doing my training plan and not skipping sessions was really the difference between me feeling as strong as I did  versus how unprepared I would have been had I not stuck to her plan.  If you’re looking to take on your a high altitude or are fairly new to the climbing world and want to be your absolute strongest on the mountain then you should definitely have a chat with Kate.


Séamus - Mont Blanc

I reached out to Kate over instagram and she quickly responded by email and with a follow up call. I had tried an online training program from a well known high altitude training company before but it felt generic, I couldn’t talk to anyone, ask any questions or voice my concerns so having that first call was a really important aspect for me. Kate is a real person who I could talk to and share my experience, concerns and work/life/kids balance. I felt understood and that she really took into account my concerns and the previous disappointing experience that I had had with a different coach. She took in all the info I shared with her and developed a training plan and nutrition plan that was realistic and fitted my life with two jobs and two kids. Her app was straight forward and easy to follow. I’ve been working with her for 12 weeks now as I prep for Mont Blanc and I have to say, when you have a question she will not only answer it but also follow up and check again later in the week to see how everything’s going - regarding training, food, equipment and mindset. I’ve got 4 more weeks until Mont Blanc and I feel like I have 20 times more energy and focus not just in training but also in my self employed job and as a professional fire fighter. I’ve worked with coaches before but Kate is something else - I feel fitter, stronger and more confident. I would recommend her to everyone from novice hill walkers to someone wanting to climb Everest/K2. Working with Kate has been a life changing experience and I look forward to working with her for all my upcoming climbs.


Juls - Alps & Mt Aspiring, NZ

I started training with Kate for the Spaghetti Route in 2021 and successfully summited 10 peaks above 4,000m along that route in 5 days! After that, I extended my training with Kate and have been working with her since then climbing and mountaineering mainly in the Alps but also in New Zealand having successfully summited Mt Aspiring at the start of 2023. At the moment I’m preparing for 2-3 routes in the Swiss Alps with a more technical ascent. Highlight of the season will be the Eiger, via Ostegg and Mittellegigrat! Its super motivating to work with Kate. She adapts the training schedule to my availability and training circumstances (I travel a lot and therefore my schedule needs to be adjusted constantly). Training schedules are fun, diverse and cover all the different aspects of mountaineering. We also have regular catch ups on the phone about the progress, plans and how things feel which is enjoyable and very supporting. Training with Kate definitely helps physically but also mentally. If I go to the mountains now, I know that I trained for it with professional guidance and that I have prepared in the right way. I don’t think I would have managed all my ascents in the last 2 years without Kate’s guidance. I would recommend Kate to anyone who is willing to train regularly, has a route/ peak planned and is looking for regular, professional and highly knowledgable support to prepare for it. Not only beginners, but also for advanced mountaineers.

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Jessica - Mont Blanc & Gran Paradiso

When I started working with Kate, I honestly doubted whether I could really climb Mont Blanc & GP. Before working with her, my training had been inconsistent and pretty general but after seeing the first week of my 16 week training plan, I knew that it had been the right decision to work with her. During my program, I also managed to lose 6kg and get in the best shape of my life. Even though I did MB & GP for the mountaineering experience, losing weight was a great and well received side effect of my work with Kate! Overall, her systematic approach to training is simply without comparison; her skills and experience are vast and her positive nature and enthusiasm is infectious. Kate made my goal, her goal and every time we spoke, she helped settle my nerves and reminded me to concentrate on just ticking off the things on my weekly training/mindset plan instead of getting freaked out by the task at hand. I doubt I would have summited either peaks without Kate’s help and for that I absolutely recommend her for anyone wanting to climb MB/GP or any other high altitude peak!

Imagine For A Moment

how it would feel to not just be the fittest in your group but to also stand on the summit knowing that you’ve still got so much more to give. Knowing that you are unbreakable.


That could absolutely be you.

That’s Exactly What I Want - How Do I Sign Up?

Mountain Range_edited.png

Not sure whether you’re training enough for your high altitude trek or expedition?

Use The High Altitude Training Formula™ for FREE and calculate exactly how many hours you should be training per week to get fit enough for your trek or expedition.

To calculate resting heart rate, put two fingers on the inner side of your wrist (thumb side). Count how many beats your have in 10 seconds and multiply that number by 6. That is your Resting Heart Rate.

Resting Heart Rate:


Highest Altitude:




The intended number of days for the trek or expedition. Eg. Everest Base Camp - 12 days.

The highest point that you're planning on reaching. Eg. Kilimanjaro summit - 5,895m.

Your results will be emailed to you shortly INCLUDING the 5 ways you should be training to get fit enough for your high altitude trek/expedition.

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