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3 High Altitude Training Tips To Get Fitter & Stronger

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Last week, I briefly touched upon a critical aspect that often derails people in their attempts to train for high-altitude - consistency. This is often the reason why people struggle to see any improvements in their overall endurance and strength.

Knowing how important consistency is, I wanted to share three tips that will help you get more consistent with your mountaineering training/trekking training and as a result get fitter and stronger:

1. Put Some Skin in the Game

To achieve consistency, you must invest yourself wholeheartedly. That investment can take various forms, such as putting down a deposit for your trip, booking flights, or even enrolling in a coaching program like mine. By having a financial stake in your endeavour, you create a sense of accountability.

When you've invested your hard-earned money, the thought of wasting it becomes a powerful motivator. It acts as a reminder that your commitment transcends mere words and excuses.

With "skin in the game," your dedication intensifies, making it easier to push through challenges and ignore your excuses.

2. Set Your Intention Ever Night

When I was 15 years old, I made the Zimbabwean National Squash Team and went on to captain the team in Hong Kong for the Junior World Championship Tournament. That meant for about 4 years, I trained almost everyday, some times twice a day but through all of that I developed a habit. A habit that I still use almost 19 years later.

Every evening before a planned training session, I check the weather forecast and put out the appropriate training clothes. I fill my water bottle, lay a hair band next to my keys and put my headphones next to my phone. Laying your gear out is you setting the intention that you are getting up in the morning to train.

The beauty of this micro habit lies in its simplicity. With fewer decisions to make upon waking up, there are fewer distractions and opportunities for procrastination.

3. Have A Structured Step-By-Step Training Plan

A well-defined plan serves as your compass, ensuring unwavering focus and purpose throughout your training. With a step-by-step high altitude training plan, you eliminate guesswork and prevent the temptation to skip workouts or succumb to overwhelming options. That structured plan allows for progressive overload, which means you can gradually increase the intensity or complexity of exercises over time which paves the way for continuous improvement and growth.

mountaineering training plan

As I always say to my clients, “plan your work and work your plan.” The first part of that statement is my job and the second part is their job.

On the note of structured training plans…

If you’re training for Kilimanjaro or any Trekking Peak Under 6,000m and consistency is something you struggle with (and as result, you're no where near as fit as you know you need to be) then I’d love to invite you to my webinar:

During the webinar, I will share the training principles from my book, taking them to a whole new level specifically tailored for you. But here's the exciting part: we will be in this together, working alongside each other. By the end of the webinar, you will walk away with a definitive, personalised training plan that you can start following the next day!

Click the link below to get more info and book your spot today:

Remember, although it's titled "Kilimanjaro," the principles and the entire webinar can be applied to any trekking peak below 6,000m.

Here's to these 3 high altitude training tips and getting fitter and stronger as a result!



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