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Mount Elbrus - The North Route In 14 Pictures

I climbed Elbrus in 2016, a time when I was just taking pictures for myself and not for my book or blog. All I had at the time for pictures was my very snazzy and new iPhone 6. So, knowing those two facts, I hope you'll still enjoy this blog and find it helpful if you are considering climbing Elbrus, despite my very basic and totally none Instagrammable pictures.

Elbrus summit view from Base Camp.

Between base camp and high camp, there is a seriously steep hill. This was us (our guide Sonya and I) enjoying our morning before we started climbing up it!

Half way up the seriosuly steep hill! There is a lot I have forgotten about this trip but this section is not one of those things.

A little further up from the seriously steep hill - views over looking the way back to base camp.

Our first day of load carrying between base camp and high camp. Our packs were close to 20kg and filled with our personal items (boots, snacks, gear etc.) The second load carrying was group food and the rest of our gear, which came to about 18kg.

Once you are over the seriously steep hill, you'll find yourself at the bottom of a glacier. The path to High Camp will take you through the black hills on the left hand side of the picture below with a cheeky little scramble through some boulders.

This was a much needed rest day spent gazing up at the summit!

This was our snug group hut at High Camp. You could fit up to 22 people in it, which ofcourse made for a warm but sometimes stinky sanctuary away from the harsh mountain conditions.

This is the start of the climb between High Camp and the Summit.

Half way between High Camp and the Summit is a place called Lenz Rock. Most teams will stop here for a break because it's sheltered away from the wind.

Almost, almost at the Summit! This picture was about 30 minutes away from the Summit.

The view from the Western Summit! Elbrus has 2 Summits - East and West. The Eastern Summit is technically the true Summit being 21m higher than the Wester but because of weather conditions the day of our Summit attempt and the dynamics of our team, our only option was to push for the Western Summit.

On our way home - A quick scramble down a hill of scree between High Camp and Base Camp.

The final river crossing after Base Camp to get to out pick up point to head back to civilization.



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