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The Most Important Question (& Answer) To Unlocking Your High Altitude Potential

When people begin planning for a mountaineering or trekking expedition, their initial series of questions are typically focused on the "what."

What should I be training?

What gear do I need?

What route should I take?

But, the first question that should be asked is "Why?"

Why are you taking yourself to high altitudes, preparing and paying large amounts of money, for a challenging, gruelling and more often than not difficult experience? Why is it so profoundly significant to you?

Once you've uncovered your "why," your "what" becomes clearer, more purposeful, and more impactful. Your "why" provides direction to your "what," resulting in greater impact because you are aligning your actions with your purpose and in turn, unlocking your high altitude potential.

Watch this video to get a look into “my why” - It’s a rather personal aspect of my life, one I don't often share. Nevertheless, I felt it was pertinent to illustrate just how much depth and power can emerge from understanding and harnessing your "why" to drive your "what" – whether it's on the mountain or in other aspects of life.

And then give yourself the invaluable gift of clarity, focus, and immense strength by taking a moment to write down your own "why."

You’ll find by answering this simple question that whenever you are on the brink of surrender, your why will give purpose to your suffering and you’ll be able to overcome whatever adversity you’re facing.

I’m telling you this because I genuinely care about your success and the transformational experience you will inevitably have when you are properly prepared, physically, mentally and emotional for the high altitude adventure you’ve got planned.

high altitude training plan

So, I hope it’s okay to share this note that I got from a client who came to me for the “what” (the mountain-specific training) part of my coaching programs but instead has found that she’s gained something even greater:

“During our first call, I remember you talking about developing that “unwavering sense of self-belief” and thinking… That would never work for me but I signed up anyway because I knew I needed the training part.

But I was so wrong - I have never felt more confident and capable thanks to the training and mindset part of your program. It is empowering to talk about emotions and feelings knowing they can be my greatest strength, especially when the mountaineering world deems them as a weakness.”

If you’re curious about what it’s really like to work with me, then check out what else is included in my coaching programs here and book in a no-strings attached call with me.

The call will be 30-minutes long, entirely focused on you, your biggest concerns and how I can help you develop that same sense of unwavering self-believe and get you ridiculously fit at the same time. Click the button below to book your call today:

high altitude training plan

If you want to truly know why my programs work so well then click this link to see exactly what I do with my clients and then check out the highlight reel of the results my clients get by working with me.

Not ready to start working with a High Altitude Coach just yet then I have a fantastic alternative for you.

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